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Andy Duncan's unique skills help people to perform better at being themselves.

These have included clients from sport, business and the arts who wish to pursue excellence at the highest level.

At the other end of the spectrum he has also consistently helped those who want to resolve difficult personal issues, overcome debilitating behaviours and beliefs, or who simply want to find a powerful new sense of motivation, to enhance their lives.

Andy has worked extensively with golfers on both the men’s and ladies’ European PGA tour. Between them his clients have amassed over 60 Tour wins and success in the Ryder Cup.

As well as also coaching other individual sportspeople, including tennis players and athletes, Andy has also enjoyed the challenge of team sports, including rugby union and rowing, as well as both sides of the professional football arena, helping both players and managers and their staff.

“I am so grateful for your insights and experience, you’ve helped me put my goals and patience into perspective. I can now enjoy tournament golf and play with more freedom. I feel like I can achieve anything and do so without a time frame. I’m excited for the future!”


Andy also sees private clients at his Harley Street practice in London, where he deals with issues right across the problem spectrum, from people who just can’t take it any more, through debilitating behaviours and beliefs including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, bi-polar disorder, anger-management, Tourette’s syndrome, low confidence levels, bereavement, pain-control, injury, phobias, OCDs, loss of career/life purpose, low levels of motivation and lack of focus, all the way to those who want to improve on their already high existing levels of attainment.

“Working with Andy was life-changing”


Andy has worked with CEO’s, directors, senior management and staff at all levels of business. His methods respect the uniqueness of all clients and he provides an equally individual and bespoke solution for each one.

He is also the co-founder of GENIUS, a performance coaching service specifically derived from his experiences coaching business people which is designed to help improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and retain staff.

“A ten-fold return on investment”

SP-Senior UK HR manager Sandvik


What clients say about working with Andy

I found my way to Andy in somewhat of a state of crisis. My relationship with my fiancée was in a perilous position and I was potentially in trouble at work. The first thing that Andy did was to put me at ease and calm me down, something that he seemed to do effortlessly with his soothing voice and firm yet sympathetic manner. He quickly made me realise and accept that the past is gone and that the only way to make things better and work things out is to concentrate on the future. That may sound easier said than done, but through Andy's gentle persuasion I was amazed that in no time at all I was looking to the future with a sense of belief and excitement that had been missing in my life for far too long. Andy taught me more about learned behaviour, something that had manifested itself in me through bipolar disorder and bouts of anger. We spoke and unravelled these behavioural patterns and came up with solutions, realistic ways that I could manage these behaviours and most importantly change them.

I now manage my anger in a way that I never could before and this has benefitted my work and home life so much. I'm more relaxed and people are more relaxed around me. The things that he taught me have been invaluable and most importantly workable, I have made great inroads into changing my life for the better and it's down to Andy's skill to be able to reach somebody like me, a flawed person who had often found himself in deep despair, not wanting to let myself dream of a better future.
Thanks to Andy not only do I dream again but I believe that I have the power and the tools to make those dreams come true. The knock on effect of that? I am making those dreams come true.

CM - Manchester

Andy is a truly inspirational individual who has empowered me to move forward and released me from what I thought to be the life sentence of a miserable existence. He has given me the strength to realise my potential

KB - Tyneside

I first came to Andy with some personal issues which I couldn't find a way around, through or over. The sessions that took place were relaxed, at my pace, and completely personalised to what mattered to me. His relaxed yet professional approach was comforting but still gave me total control of the situation. His care and attention to detail made the entire process stress free. He supplied me with a guide and personalised notes that he was taking throughout the sessions.

I'd like to describe Andy as "The optician for your mind, helping focus your thoughts" I can't thank Andy enough for the work he has done in helping to free me from what I was achieving from life and unlocking my potential. I know he is always just a phone call away.

LG - London

Andy's help has been immeasurable, both personally and professionally. Having struggled for several weeks on a range of issues, he quickly and accurately helped me reach the root of the problems, and then guided me through sorting them out at my own pace and in my own way.

His skill lies in teasing out what is already there in your mind, but for whatever reason has become clouded, and bringing it to the forefront; and his friendly, relaxed and approachable manner makes it a manageable and even enjoyable process.
It was like chopping down the trees and seeing the light again! I can't thank him enough

NB - East Midlands

Before I saw Andy my mind was a blur, then Andy worked his magic and now I have a clear picture on where my steps will lead me. Andy makes you feel comfortable and at ease when you discuss your views. He has a very professional and confidential work ethic.

I have gained confidence and trust in myself from the moment I met andy. I know that, if I need support, Andy is only a phone call or e-mail away.

LG - Surrey

Andy is without question one of the most professional, competent, and inspiring individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. His calming nature and ability to make a clearer path through life's challenges, makes Andy one of the leaders in his profession.

I can without hesitation, recommend Andy to anyone who is looking for help or guidance through the journey of life!

SD - Cornwall

I was told before I met Andy that he was one of the most genuine, talented and caring individuals I could ever meet. How true that is. Andy's real gift is his ability to connect with people and bring about positive change in their lives. The impact that he has had on my family is immeasurable.

I took an eight hour plane ride to seek Andy's Help. Would I do it again? Absolutely. In a heart-beat.

LK - Chicago, Illinois

I was at a low ebb. Probably the worst of my life. From first talking to Andy I felt that here was someone who could help me. I was right. Andy didn’t dwell on the past, he simply asked what I wanted from the future, did his ‘ stuff ’ and it worked! Thirteen months later I am now, incredibly, living the life that I visualised with Andy. Confidently and happily, with the family that I love.

In simple terms it feels like Andy managed to hit my buttons and reset me to be the person, and have the way of thinking that I had before my breakdown. That’s all I ever wanted to be again. And God bless him, together we achieved it! Myself, my wife and children owe Andy our happiness and our future

CN - Midlands
Strong as my legs are, it was my mind that made me a champion.
Michael Johnson
(Olympic Athlete)
Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson
(3rd U.S. President)
Know yourself and you will win all battles.
Lao Tzu
(Chinese Philosopher)
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi
(Political and Spiritual Leader)


0044 777 317 0831
10 Harley St